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Our goal in providing guidance and discipline is to encourage the development of children’s self-control and self-discipline. It is normal for Pre-School children to be egocentric and to act from their own perspectives. We talk with children about how their actions affect others and encourage them to verbalize their feelings. It is a slow developmental process, but children learn to respect the rights of others and to become caring, thoughtful learners and friends. By respecting and honoring children’s rights and feelings, we have learned that the children eventually show the same respect to others.

All teachers at Beginnings use redirection with children when there is a conflict over toys or materials and encourage children to use language rather than physical means to express their needs and wishes. We are interested in building self-control and self-direction in the children. Physical punishment or “time out” is never used in disciplining children at the school. In discipline situations our goal is to enhance the child’s ability to function appropriately and self-regulate, not to punish.
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