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Beginnings Learning Center was established in 2008 and has a strong child development emphasis based on a wide range of research. The classroom is divided into learning centers such as language, math, science, computers, blocks, music, art, sensory tables, gross motor play, and dramatic play. The building of language, social, physical, and cognitive skills is achieved through participation in these centers.

The teachers guide and encourage children to explore and learn in each of these areas while implementing the curriculum through meaningful play. Teachers supervise and participate in children’s play, both modeling when appropriate and refraining from interfering when appropriate. Pre-School children achieve specific learning outcomes, develop problem solving strategies and enhance their curiosity and sense of discovery.

We know from child development research that children construct knowledge through “hands on” experience. Our program provides materials and equipment appropriate to the children’s developmental levels. Our daily schedule provides appropriate time for learning including an outdoor program which we consider an extension of the classroom. We participate in outdoor play each day, including winter time.

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