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Our program is designed to socially and academically prepare your child for kindergarten, while providing a safe, fun and loving environment for children. We believe that a child’s family is his/her primary teacher, and the ideal initial school experience is one in which the child, his/her family and the teacher all work together to assure a quality experience for the child. We are one big family at Beginnings.

Because children learn best when they are actively involved, classrooms include rich learning centers to explore. Self-directed investigations and play build problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Our teachers supplement these experiences with large group activities that encourage socialization. We give children the foundations that prepare them for kindergarten and set them on a path of life-long learning.

Whether enrolled full or part-time, your child will benefit from Beginnings Learning Center programs. Our curriculum is based around the idea that every child is smart in his or her own way. We focus on meeting each individual child’s developmental and educational needs. Children are guided and encouraged by our experienced teachers, and advance through each program at their own pace.

Each of our 4 classrooms offer low teacher-child ratio serving approximately 12 children with two teachers who work closely to facilitate children’s growth and learning.

Each of our classrooms is color coded. The Blue Room houses our two year old’s, the Yellow Room houses our 3 year old’s, our Green and Orange room are mixed age Preschool classrooms ranging from 4 years old up to entry into Kindergarten. Please follow the links below to review our programs:

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