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Free Choice

Children choose from a variety of engaging activities throughout the different centers in the classroom.

Cognitive area

Books, puzzles, manipulative toys, pre-reading, math, and science tools encourage learning experiences.

Creative area

Paints, play dough, sensory experiences, materials for drawing, cutting, and more are available for open-ended projects.

Gross motor area

Manipulative toys, trucks, cars, trains, buliding and climbing toys, music and more in class and on the playground.

Socio dramatic area

Dolls, puppets, props, and dress up clothes allow children to imitate and make sense of the world around them.

Group Activity

Group time to practice new skills, develop fine motor control, and learn to effectively communicate ideas.


Breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks provided. Shared mealtimes encourage good table manners and self-discipline .

Outdoor Play

Climbing, running, jumping, and boucncing balls help children gain control, balance, and coordination.


As children learn to clear the table or put away the blocks, they learn how to plan, organize, and work with others.

Story time

Children gather together to listen, learn, and discuss as the teacher tells a story or reads a book with illustrations.

Special Events

Class trips and in-house visitors help children explore their interests, with visits to the park, store, or post office.


Singing develops language skills, movement develops rhythm, and spatial skills help with math and science.

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