Parent Reviews

Jodi Lipof

We spent a year in Santa Monica for work and sent our daughter to BLC during this time. Our daughter absolutely loved going to preschool there and learned so much during her time there. We were impressed by the center's inclusive celebration of many holidays and engagement of families for these occasions. We were especially grateful for the clear and strong communication from the director of the center. She was incredibly responsive and handled the challenges of the pandemic extremely well. The BLC family became like family to us and we were very sad to say goodbye when we had to move, but were very grateful to have our daughter in good hands while we were there. We will always remember the staff and children at BLC and are lucky to have made such good friends there.

Roodbeh Mirzaei

My 3 years old daughter has started her first pre school at Beginnings Learning Center 2 months ago. We are very happy with the center and all their staff.
The central is very clean, kids friendly, staffs are very friendly and good communicators. They have helped our daughter to go through this big change very patiently and my daughter loves going to school.

My husband and I went on lots of tours and did tons of research about preschools and we can definitely say that Beginnings Learning Center is the most quality, good value and professional place I have seen in Los Angeles. We highly recommend them.

Emily Raz

They have a beautiful environment. the teachers are amazing and kind.

Abhimanyu Singh

A hidden gem. The school and the teachers are fabulous and provide a great combination of personal care & nurturing environment as well as discipline & focus. They are very responsive to parents' and child's needs and are willing to make extra efforts to ensure that child's development is a top priority. Our daughter was a late learner in some tasks & activities and the teachers provided great help to make her catch-up with the rest of her classmates. I highly recommend this school !!

Ami Brown

We joined Beginnings a few months ago and so far our experience has been nothing short of spectacular. Our son was very warmly welcomed and is thriving. The staff, curriculum and enrichment programs are top notch and simply put, we're thrilled to have found Beginnings and have them as part of our village.

Manuela Guerrero

We love Beginnings learning center! After moving from abroad and looking for the best place for our daughter, we found the perfect fit. Beginnings is a loving, safe, caring preschool. Teachers and staff are excellent. Our daughter loves going, she even misses her teachers and friends during weekends! I would recommend this preschool to anyone!

Ashley Johnson

My son was going here and absolutely loved it. Music every week, art projects all the time. He’d come home singing a new song he learned or telling me happily about what he did that day. When he saw the director, Ms. Janet, he’d run up to give her a hug. As a first time mom I was so worried about sending him to school and finding the right one, but BLC is amazing. It was everything I’d hoped preschool would be for my son.

Areen Ibranossian

Amazing center! Have been extremely impressed with their professionalism, love for the children, and caution during these times. Couldn't be happier!

Kristopher B

Beginnings Learning Center in NoHo has been a great facility. The faculty are like extended family, which makes me feel safe everyday I drop my daughter off. Talar has been so responsive and takes accountability for any questions and/or concerns.

Maria Kozlov

Love BLC. Fun, clean and educational. My son has been attending since September 18 and loves it. Teachers are fantastic and care so much. Would highly recommend.

Ben Kimia

The preschool has great opening hours. The teachers are competent and caring. It is a safe place. My twins have been in this preschool for almost three years, and they are very happy.

Laura Whibicks

Our son recently joined Beginnings and we've been very grateful to Cynthia and Betty in the Blue Room for making his transition as easy as it can be. They greet him every day with a smile and genuine warmth. We're very happy we chose Beginnings.

David Hall

I highly recommend Beginnings. We've been very pleased with the entire experience: the facilities, the teachers, the staff, the director --they are all amazing. I can't think of a better place that we could have entrusted with our son.

Rachel Altan

We've been extremely happy with the care and attention our daughter receives at Beginnings. The teachers are all kind yet firm, and I've been impressed with their knowledge of early childhood development. Since our daughter started there a few months ago we've noticed her communication skills growing at a rapid rate, and whenever we ask her about her day at school, the first word she says is always "Fun!" And in addition, the flexible hours and school-provided meals and snacks make things easy on mom and dad. I would recommend this preschool to anyone.

Rustam Osmanov

I absolutely love this school. I have a great experience with Beginnings Learning Center. My daughter is in Van Nuys location and she loves it there. The staff is very professional and carrying. My daughter loves Ms Janet. The love and care that go into taking care of my girl is just amazing. I could never have imagined that being a mother, I would be so comfortable with others taking care of my child. I just love this place!

Candida Santos

My Daughter has been coming here for over a year and we LOVE it!!

Cam Aperture

We transitioned our daughter from a daycare we loved into the preschool program at Beginnings Learning Center. The transition was easier than we were expecting. The teachers are very attentive and caring, the school itself pays close attention to safety and making sure everything is operating as it should. They have a great playground all the kids love and our daughter comes home every day with new artwork and she's developing well. She's happy and we're happy. We think it's an excellent choice.

Neanz Beanz

As a parent, I entrust my greatest treasure to the staff at BLC NOHO every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. The teachers and director look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My daughter has been blessed with awesome teachers who understands my rambunctious daughter and handles her with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at "school!" In addition to BLC’s amazing early childhood curriculum is their beautiful campus. It’s a new, clean and safe environment in which the educational process can take place. I recommend BLC whole heartedly .

Andrew wong

My two year old daughter joined the Beginnings Learning center family in July 2017. It has been the best choice I could have made for her. The teachers are warm and friendly. The facilities are well maintained. My daughter has become a lot more independent. She is always coming home singing new songs and telling me about all the fun activities she did that day. I would definently recommend this school to my friend and family.

Timothy Brandt

Beginnings has been a magical experience for both of our children. Excellent staff, beautiful state of the art facilities, great curriculum. The staff really loves and cares for the kids. Can't say enough, great school!

Britta Schort

I couldn't be happier with Beginnings Learning Center. The teachers here are so nurturing and attentive. Both of my boys started at two in the Blue Room and have progressed through the program. As they've gotten older, I've enjoyed seeing how they've grown and all that they've learned that is a direct impact of this school.